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To: President Obama and the U.S. Senate

Abolish NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Petition Text

Withdraw all United States participation in NATO and abrogate the April 4, 1949 treaty

Why is this important?

NATO is the greatest threat to peace in the world today. U.S. and Western imperialism use NATO to force regime change in countries with independent non-aligned politics. NATO has played a role in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and now Venezuela. Sending advisors and playing war simulation exercises on the borders of sovereign nations in pursuit of imperialist aims brings the world to the brink of WW III. This must be stopped NOW!

Reasons for signing

  • We need political solutions and an end to weapons race!
  • The German Foreign Minister Steinmeier called NATO's recent actions "warmongering" and "saber-rattling." He should know. Russia is very sensitive to invasions from the west, having repelled three at great cost in blood. They have not forgotten. It is the height of idiocy and folly to poke the Bear, when it is completely unnecessary.Russia is not Libya.
  • If any entity will trigger the horrors of WWIII it will be because of imperialist uses of NATO. It must GO into the dustbin of history and diploc


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