To: US Congress

Add monthly Bonus during COVID pandemic to make sure that Home Health Aides will keep working

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Pass legislation for an addition to the pay for each Home Health Care Aide. This is NOT to pay the Medicaid agencies they work for but must go directly to the Aides Current pay for these dedicated people is too low to retain them during the COVID19 Pandemic. No new Aides are being hired for the same reason. People will generally think twice about doing this work since the elderly and disabled are so high risk during the pandemic. Aides have been quitting abruptly in all Agencies that support them, and too many may need to move to nursing homes because of it at MUCH higher Medicaid cost.

Why is this important?

As it is now Aides are paid little, $9 to $12/hour (at least in my state), but many have been quitting since they are risking their lives for so little. W have no Health AIde for my wife, which happened since the Coronavirus Pandemic.

People who live with their clients are now burdened with care of their disabled relative or friend. This is reaching a crisis point, where disabled people will NEED to move to nursing homes or other congregate-care facilities, which is much more expensive & dangerous.