To: The American People, the President, the US Congress, and the World

America Must Stop Justifying the Business of Making War

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The time has come to admit that the United States can destroy a city anywhere in the world in less than an hour, and destroy a country's infrastructure in less than two hours. The idea that the United States ever operates from a position of weakness ended on August 6th and 9th of 1945, when we ended the war against Japan using nuclear weapons.

It was a lie to use the Munich Accord of 1938 to justify going to War in Vietnam under the misguided principle of a fear of appeasement. Just as it was in all subsequent military engagements of the United States, until Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991 and most recently Afghanistan after 9/11.

Vietnam never had the necessary infrastructure to make war the way the Germans could going into World War II. Vietnam was the military dynamic that helped create the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address to the national in 1961. It is the center-piece that makes for the business of war, instead of need to make war in the name of survival.

Why is this important?

People tend to ignore the fact that the issues we face against Iran, started with ignoring the will of the People of Iran after World War II, when we helped install the Shah of Iran. The real issue was controlling oil then just as it is now. The real issue in Vietnam was the desire to be rid of a colonial presence, just as it was in 1776 in America. We can be the leader of the World pursuing peace, but we have to stop relying on the business of war making to prove our point.