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To: Senator Chuck Schumer

Ban Assault Guns

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Honorable Senator Chuck Schumer,

I, along with the majority of Americans overwhelmingly want to reinstate the ban on assault rifles. Public outcry for this is clear. Senator, I propose you call a press conference with the House and Senate democrats standing on the Capitol steps to deliver clear message that we (Democrats) put our children’s safety ahead of an assault rifles. We are standing together to protect our children.

With the press filming, Senator, you and your fellow senators will go to Mitch McConnell’s office, and Nancy Pelosi will go with the Democratic house members to Paul Ryan’s office. You are assembled there to make sure action is taken to protect our children and the safety of all Americans. Make a big show to force the Republican leadership to do something positive for public safety.

On March 24, 2018, there will be a large demonstration in Washington DC of the school children and supports called, “The March for our Lives.” They are marching for gun control, mental health issues, and school safety. Politicians have failed to protect them and we are standing here right now to say that We will. For too long President Trump and his Republican enablers have captured the airways and it is time we took it back.

Why is this important?

Make America Safe Again


2018-03-07 00:29:11 -0500

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