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To: Michael Potter, CEO Eden Foods

Boycott All Eden Foods Products

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We pledge to boycott all Eden Foods products until health insurance coverage for birth control is restored to Eden Foods employees.

Why is this important?

Eden Foods Inc., the company that produces Eden Organics, sued the Obama Administration because it doesn’t want to provide health insurance coverage for birth control for its employees because birth control violates the religious beliefs of the CEO of the company. That lawsuit failed last year, but now the United States Supreme Court has ruled that family-owned companies like Eden Foods can deny health insurance coverage for birth control.

By signing this petition you will let Michael Potter, the CEO of Eden Foods, know that you are boycotting all Eden Food products until he reverses his position and provides health insurance coverage for legal medical substances and procedures to his employees, without regard for his personal religious objections.

After signing the petition, you can also call Eden Foods, toll-free, and tell Michael Potter directly that you are boycotting his company's products:

Michael Potter

Please sign this petition to Michael Potter now.


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