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To: Douglas County School District Transportation Department

Bring back Buses to Castle Pines Village!

Petition Text

Bring back school buses inside Castle Pines Village.

Why is this important?

1. DSCD school buses have been coming into Castle Pines Village for at least 20 years.
a. Parents have relied on the buses to take our children to school. Suddenly, without any rationale or even any notice, the buses will not be stopping inside the gates.
b. Children who used walk to the bus stop had options nearby, but the changes will now require parents to make new arrangements in an already very trying time for everyone.

2. There is a huge safety issue.
a. There are no sidewalks for the kids to walk where the new bus stops are intended outside of the village.
b. There is nowhere for parents to park with their kids to wait for the buses.
c. There is increased danger since the buses for Middle and High School come in the dark in the winter mornings.
d. Kids will need to walk 30 - 60 minutes to a bus stop outside the gates (in the dark in the mornings) if their parents can't drive them.

3. Traffic on Happy Canyon and Chase will be highly impacted.
a. There is not a safe place for kids to wait for the buses, they will be lined up on Happy Canyon (in the dark in winter).
b. Parents who will drive their kids to the bus stop have nowhere to park and they will be off the shoulder on Happy Canyon and off in the ditch/shoulder on Lagae/Chase. Although this year there will be a smaller number of kids on buses due to Covid restrictions, in future months/years this will be MANY cars.
c. Due to the above reasons, there will be a large number of cars lined up waiting for the kids to board/un-board the buses every morning and afternoon. It will take quite a while for ALL the kids to board because of the minimal number of stops outside the village. Traffic will be very congested in these areas.

4. Bus Fees are charged for our kids to ride the bus. This is acceptable when our kids only have to walk a few blocks to a stop. Moving the bus stops to outside of the village, creating a huge inconvenience for parents and kids, does not justify the same bus fee.
Castle Pines Village, Castle Pines, CO 80108, USA

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