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To: President Donald Trump

Remove U.S. Troops from Korea NOW #removeUSTroops

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Mr. President,

Korean War can be prevented and you have power to fulfill your promise of “Make America Great Again.”

For 67 years, 140,000 Americans have been held hostage near the border of North Korea. (28,500 military personnel, and 111,500 civilians, supporting 98 bases.)

All are in constant danger, living at the mercy of the Korean military and could be killed in one day:
• by the 15,000 artillery cannons and rockets now trained on Seoul
• by a nuclear accident
• by intentional use of a nuclear warhead

Twenty-five million Koreans and 140,000 Americans in Seoul are defenseless against these weapons. One fearful or insane soldier may fire artillery or any weapon that starts a war, killing millions.

North Korea has killed 57 Americans since the truce of 1953. We have never retaliated because Seoul and 140,000 Americans are deployed in a defenseless position, directly in the line of fire. North Korea has recognized that 28,500 U.S. troops on the ground are not a deterrent, but rather, hostages.

If War occurs before our citizens are redeployed from this trap, history will record that Commander-In-Chief Trump made a huge military blunder. It will not be mentioned that advisers told you to continue the very strategy of 67 years that allowed North Korea to lay this artillery trap and go nuclear.

140,000 Americans are IN DIRECT LINE-OF-FIRE in Korea.

Therefore, the U.S. cannot use military force without sacrificing thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans and Koreans. China, allied with North Korea, has used this fact to blunt U.S. power in Asia. China KNOWS we cannot protect our people and does not have incentive to restrain North Korea.

To shock China into the genuine risk of Nuclear War: Remove Americans to defensible positions. Removing Americans will free us to reallocate resources to the U.S.A. and require China to be responsible for its ally, North Korea.

Give China incentive to solve this problem that could destroy the World.

Pivoting from Korea is not appeasement. It is notice that we will not allow Americans to be killed and frees our military to act, if necessary.

South Korea has the ability to defend their own country. They are a rich nation of 52 million people and enjoy a $28 Billion trade surplus (over the U.S.A.) With the support of our superior Air Force and Navy, South Koreans will be safer WITHOUT our troops on the ground, as hostages.

We have 11 aircraft carriers, a Guam base, and submarines, that do not expose our citizens to the existing condition of being “held hostage,” (the continuation of which, is suicidal.) Redeploying to Michigan and West Virginia and other states, brings domestic investment to the U.S., while reducing deficits for balancing the budget.

U.S. taxpayers now shoulder $20 Trillion in debt, racked up by building and staffing 800 foreign bases in 177 nations around the planet. This enormous allocation of taxpayer money for foreign military bases burdens our children / grandchildren with debt and robs us of making investments to build and sustain our nation.

Why is this important?

The costly military presence of foreign bases creates fear and exposes ALL Americans and Koreans to extreme risk. Let’s get our people out of danger. It’s time to bring our troops home.

We have a DUTY to remove 140,000 citizens from an indefensible position. #RemoveUSTroops

Demonstrate Secretary Tillerson’s statement that, “We are not your enemy and do not seek regime change.”

This letter is an appeal to save lives and invest in our children’s future.

See FACEBOOK, "Remove U.S. Troops From Korea NOW" for more about this:

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