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To: United States Congress, United States Senate, and President Obama

Change the scope and funding of our military and invest in domestic spending instead

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We need to reevaluate our foreign policy strategy that is based upon keeping a large standing military. We spend without question all the latest armaments and vehicles. Lobbyists for the defense industry and religious zealots have steered our country onto a path that is not conducive to world peace and comes at a price that the taxpayers cannot afford. Their influence is so vast that stories of wasteful spending in the military are commonplace. We also find ourselves in one war after another to justify the continued spending. It is the biggest and most evil scam perpetrated in our history. The people demand an end to endless war. Our society is failing domestically while we keep our focus beyond our borders. It is time for a more enlightened society, and a focus on health, education, and eliminating poverty. We can easily tackle those problems with what we waste on military spending.

Why is this important?

We can do better than our current path.


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