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To: Honeywell International, Inc.

Tell Honeywell International, Inc. to Stop Profiting from the US Drone War

Petition Text

Disengage from all business that profits from and enables weaponized drones and drone surveillance.

Why is this important?

-You may know Honeywell as the multinational corporation that makes a wide array of consumer products, including thermostats, fans, heaters, humidifiers, security systems and more. But Honeywell is also a major defense contractor. With its manufacturing of the engine and some navigational, guidance and targeting equipment for the MQ-9 Reaper drone, it is not only responsible for making US war crimes possible, it greatly profits from them. In a 2009 press release, Honeywell proudly proclaimed that “the USAF’s recent announcement to procure a total of 319 MQ-9 Reaper aircraft will result in additional TPE 331-10 engine orders worth more than $400 million.”

-The MQ-9 Reaper drone is armed with Hellfire missiles that the CIA and US military use to kill "suspected militants" in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. According to the Library of Congress, "the sophistication of drones…has the ability to break down any practical privacy safeguard.” The Reaper and other drones have the unprecedented power to visually monitor individuals and groups over extended periods of time. Combining surveillance with the power to kill produces a weapon intended not only for killing but for intimidation, harassment, and control, depriving people of rights guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which include the right to privacy, freedom from fear and the right to life. They also violate one’s rights to due process. Drone operations fall outside the bounds of international law and must be banned.

-Under the presidencies of George Bush and Barack Obama, in addition to “personality strikes” that target particular suspects, the CIA has been authorized to perform “signature strikes,” or attacks on groups of people without knowing their identities. The US has also targeted funerals and performs “double-taps,” or secondary attacks that target emergency response personnel and others following an initial drone attack.

-To date, over 4,000 “suspects” have been killed. Though the Obama Administration praises the drone for its "surgical accuracy” and "discriminate" targeting capabilities, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism documents dozens of drone attacks that have killed innocent men, women, and children. The Obama administration defines all military-aged males (age 18) as “combatants” killed in an attack zone, meaning the actual number of civilians killed is higher than estimated.

-According to the Stanford/NYU report Living Under Drones, the attacks terrorize entire communities by robbing them of their leaders, destroying homes and infrastructure, and creating the constant threat of attack. This breeds hatred and radicalizes those harboring resentment against the US in a handful of countries. As Obama has declared war on ISIS, the drone war continues to expand in Iraq and is envisioned for Syria.

-Honeywell is complicit in state-sponsored terror and blatant war crimes, and until it disengages from all business that enables and profits from the US drone war, concerned consumers nationwide will boycott its products and divest from its stock.

-Please sign the petition to urge Honeywell to say no to war profiteering and yes to peace.

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