To: James Pool

Dropbox: Please Bring Back and Open-Source the Mailbox App!

Petition Text

The Aim: To demand that Dropbox bring back our cherished Mailbox Program from the “Dead”. Mailbox application users actually preferred using this independent email alternative for iOS instead of using the incorporated iOS e-mail program.

The Difficulty: A little over two and a half years ago, Dropbox bought Mailbox for a massive price tag of $100 million. A Mac version was created by Dropbox about a year later where it remained in beta. So many Mailbox users were relying on this application for iOS and OS X as their main e-mail management application program, but it no longer exists!

Why is this important?

Important to note: Mailbox users paid for the application with the anticipation that they would receive continued service and support and were willing to endure through the bugs and issues, as well as the lack of support because it was the best choice available. Sadly, in February of this year, the application’s functionality promptly discontinued and any remaining information and data was completely destroyed.

The Answer: If the Mailbox community puts enough pressure on Dropbox, we can hopefully get them to accept our request to restore Mailbox and open-source it. We ask that Dropbox bring this program back and let the Mailbox community handle the application on their own.

Together, we can bring back this much-needed cloud-based email application.

We support the restoration of this magnificent e-mail management program for iOS and OS X.