To: Governing bodies in Ireland and insurance companies

End Fourfold Auto Insurance Policies in Ireland

Petition Text

The Charge: To petition governing bodies in Ireland and insurance companies to end the use of fourfold auto insurance policies in Ireland.

The Problem: Insurance companies in Ireland have the right to refuse Irish citizens car insurance, if they deem it to be in the best interest of the public.

At present, Ireland has a fourfold insurance law and the law does say that any insurance applicant must be accepted on their fourth effort. This law depends completely on a motorist’s history of claims and because of this, the amount of people refused car insurance has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, causing more motorists to drive without proper insurance.

Why is this important?

The rates are considerably too high for those with a record, making it next to impossible to handle the premiums when an insurance company is compelled to give car insurance on the fourth application. Many people in Ireland need their vehicles for getting to school or work and in case of an injury, many motorists will not be insured.

The Solution: If we place enough pressure on insurance companies and government agencies, we can hopefully have them revisit their current fourfold insurance policies and hopefully find a better solution for Irish citizens with a history of claims on their record.

Let’s fight for better insurance laws in Ireland.

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