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To: Jared Golden

End Poverty--Demand a UBI equal to what Congress pays itself.

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The endless exploitation of the American public needs to stop. There has to be an economic threshold below which nobody can be allowed to fall. It's time to admit two important facts: 1) that members of Congress seem to have enough income to get by, no matter what crap they deal to everyone else, and 2) our public servants shouldn't be living like kings while most of their constituents suffer. The obvious solution is to start an automatic UBI to each household of $174K/year, or whatever Congress is paying itself, with zero means-testing.

Why is this important?

This should not only end poverty, but present a huge cost-savings to taxpayers since all the bureaucrats who are employed in conducting "means-testing" to dole out poverty-level "assistance" to those "poor and worthy enough" can now be comfortably retired. Ending poverty will also spell the end of lots more government spending, since poverty is the #1 predictor of both crime and disease. If our government can afford to offer billions in aid to Big Pharma, Big Telecom, and Ukraine, it can surely afford to aid the people of the USA.


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