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To: Omaha Police Department

Fire Officer Bryan Kulhanek

Fire Officer Bryan Kulhanek

Petition Text

We want the Omaha Police Department to fire Bryan Kulhanek

Why is this important?

In July, Officer Bryan Kulhanek was found to be in violation of police policy for racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, violent, and bullying Facebook posts.

The public was informed that he would be put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Two months went by and the story went cold. But we never forgot. Officer Kulhanek has been seen in uniform at his post at the Nebraska Humane Society. Two months isn't even long enough for an investigation and any sort of retraining. This is unacceptable.

We feel that Officer Kulhanek is a danger to the very people he purports to serve in his community.


Reasons for signing

  • I represent one of the oldest minority neighborhood associations around and I would never want Kulhanek anywhere near my neighbors or children in this area with his racist views! His way of thinking does nothing to increase the safety, protect, or serve any area at ALL. He should be fired IMMEDIATELY!!! Stop giving racists paid vacations!!
  • its a shame when you have to save the neighborhoods from the very people sworn to protect it.. let them know this type of abuse of power will not go unchecked.
  • Nebraska's motto is "Equality before the law". If Bryan Kulhanek cannot serve all Nebraskans equally, then he should not be a cop in Nebraska.


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