To: President Obama

Free Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier

Petition text: Free Leonard Peltier, the longest held political prisoner in United States history.

Why is this important?

Leonard Peltier was convicted of murder on "cooked" evidence after the Oglala uprising and has been in prison for over 40 years. He is suffering from cancer and should be pardoned, at the very least on humanitarian reasons. If there was really equal justice in this country, those responsible for poisoning the people of Flint, MI, for example, would be convicted and imprisoned. Peltier is not guilty, and testimony proves it. He is being held because the FBI insists on punishing him for an act he did not commit. For information on this case, see "Incident at Oglala" -- a film by Robert Redford.


Reasons for signing

  • Friend's recommendation
  • The continued imprisonment of Leonard Peltier is an obscene miscarriage of justice and surely the president knows that. It's now or never for Peltier, who has cancer, and for the USA, which is about to lose its soul.
  • This man is innocent, has been, the FBI framed him. This is outrageous that Clinton didn't pardon him... This is one of the worst things to have happened, and that it has been going on so long, PLEASE HELP FREE THIS MAN.


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