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Google Doodle for Otto Warburg

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My proposal for Google Doodle is Otto Heinrich Warburg's birthday Oct. 8th 1883.
Why celebrate Otto Warburg?
Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1934 for his discovery of a unique way for animal cells to breathe.
Think of it? 99% of eukaryotic animal cells use an organelle called mitochondria to breathe with oxygen. Cellular respiration, breathing, generates energy for all cellular metabolic activity to live.
Otto Warburg's discovery; malignant cancer cells don't use their mitochondria to
Nobel Prize committee seeing the enormous significance that one animal cell in all the world that doesn't breathe the way every other animal cell breathes awarded Otto the prize.
Otto Warburg discovered that malignant cancer cells consume 200 to 600 times more sugar while breathing than adjacent tissue cells. Malignant cancer cells utilize cytoplasmic glycolysis not tumor's mitochondria for cellular respiration.
Doodle team.
Please consider the power of your doodle too celebrate Otto's Noble prize and shed light on this unique property of malignant cancer cells. The Positron Emission Tomography ( PET) scan utilizes malignant cancer cells unique respiration metabolism based on sugar consumption to identify metabolic activity of any malignant cell anywhere in a persons body.
Help celebrate this enormous discovery and potential to lead to other discoveries with a google Doodle for Otto's birthday below.
October 8, 1883
Otto Heinrich Warburg, Date of birth
Thank you,
Christopher O'Loughlin RN BSN PHN

Why is this important?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death if all cardiovascular illnesses are considered as number one. More research is needed to find cure for cancer and this petition will generate support for more cancer research. Nobel prizes are important.
History may have overlooked Otto but together this petition will help shine the light of inspiration.


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