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To: Haitian President

Help 400,000 Haitians Get the Housing They Need

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The Goal: To petition the Haitian President and other local leaders to help their people get out of poor living conditions in displacements camps.

The issue: More than two years have passed since Haiti’s capital was hit by a massive earthquake and almost 400,000 Haitians live in displacement camps, and in terrible conditions. The tents are tattered and the plastic tarps shredded. Women and girls are daily victims of rape, and many do not have access to adequate food, clean water, and toilets.

Why is this important?

Since that time, heavy rains have flooded the areas, causing a surge in cholera. The homeless Haitians who still occupy these camps are holding onto hope as much as they can.

Together with their allies, The Haitian Government must:

Designate land for proper housing
Create one government institution to manage, coordinate, and implement a social housing plan
Solicit and allocate funding for this plan

The Solution: By putting intense pressure on the Haitian government and their allies to act and start helping their people relocate to better, more controlled conditions. By bringing awareness to this cause, we can do more to help. The problem hasn’t been fixed and not much has been done to solve the problem either.

Join with Haiti’s homeless and demand their government do more to help their people get the safety, shelter, and care they need.

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