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To: Governor Northam

Help Free an Unfairly Prosecuted Man from Prison

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My name is Jamar L. Jones. I am certain you have no clue of my identity, and presumably asking why I’m writing you and what this is concerning about. Well, to summarize it as best as I can I am 31 yrs. of age inmate who is currently serving a 60-year sentence without parole in Sussex 1 state prison. I’ve already served 12 yrs. and have been charge free for 17 months now. Me worsts mistakes in life was when I dropped out of school. Prison had given me another chance to better my life. I have been in different programs and working on getting now to get my GED to prove that I’m a changed man and don’t deserve to be in prison on charges that I didn’t do. I’m truly sorry for what the victims and family had to go through, but I would never harm anyone.
This was my first offense I never been in any trouble a day in my life. Being in prison all these years, I realized I needed to find a way to prove to the state that I am an innocent man who was wrongfully accused of a crime that I didn’t commit. throughout my case the story was change several times and I wasn’t even there. I have paper work that prove I wasn’t there and a statement from a guy who was working with the commonwealth that finally after all these years he wanted to come clean and tell the truth. I loss 12 years of life for no reason, due to my absent it has taken a toll on my family, my kids and my soon to be wife they all need me. I was currently working and doing the right thing until I was ripped apart from the most important peoples in my life. Even though they come and visit me but seen the hurt in their faces when its time to go and I can’t go with them that is very heartbreaking.
If I was released today, I would be going back to a far different living situation than what I left and be a far different person. I am asking you to give me an opportunity to show people everyone that prison can be a place of redemption and rehabilitation instead of just punishment. I am a man who has made the best of my situation, taken every opportunity available, and can successfully return to society. I’m reaching out for help to get my life back, so I can come home to my loving family and be the husband, father that I always dream of being. I have dreams Governor Northam., big dreams. not just dreams of being free, but dreams of becoming someone who is going to make a difference in this world. However, to talk about my objectives as dreams doesn't do them equity, for I can see all that I need to achieve and how I will achieve it as obvious. All I need now is for you to give me a chance to turn those dreams into reality.
I thank you for your time Governor Northam, and I hope that after you read my Petition for Commutation you will come to a conclusion that I’m not a bad person at all, but a person who crying out for help. I am asking you, Governor Northam, to give me a second chance. I would not let you down.

Why is this important?

This is important because I'm a innocent man that was wrongly accused for a crime that I didn't commit and I want to be home with my family and my Fiancee and kids.

Franklin, Virginia, USA

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