To: New York Times

Hire Robert Parry as the New Editor of the New York Times

Petition Text

Help the New York Times restore its journalistic credibility by encouraging the newspaper to hire a new senior editor with the experience and proven skill needed to improve its flagging reputation.

Why is this important?

The New York Times has descended into poorly documented reporting, usually politically biased and often hysterical. It's readership has declined as a result. Restoring credibility will not be easy.

In contrast, Robert Parry of Consortium News, has established over many years the concern with careful documentation that lends credibility and usefulness to news reporting. His editorship has provided readers with close examinations of evidence, very readable in-depth summaries of many areas of news, and a variety of articles of great interest.

The simplest way for the New York Times to restore credibility would be to hire Mr. Parry as its senior editor. This would stop the flood of criticism of the NYT. Mr. Parry would endeavor to provide the same level of experienced and impartial editorship that his readers now enjoy. Readers of the NYT would enjoy a greatly improved standard of reporting, and the NYT would rapidly regain credibility and circulation.

*Note: This petition is based on one originally started at by John Barth.