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To: The U.S. Army

I volunteer to help the U.S. Army find its missing $6.5 trillion

I volunteer to help the U.S. Army find its missing $6.5 trillion

Petition Text

Please allow us to visit your facilities and to conduct unimpeded inspections until we determine exactly where the unaccounted for $6.5 trillion ended up -- the $6.5 trillion that you said in the report linked below you just can't locate. We are willing to do this on a contingency basis, accepting as payment a 0.0001% finder's fee each.

Why is this important?

$30 billion a year could end starvation and hunger worldwide.

$11 billion a year could provide clean drinking water to everyone who needs it.

All the green energy projects ever envisioned that could preserve life on earth would collectively cost significantly less than this pocket change of yours that has gone missing.

We realize you didn't drop it in the yard with your keys somewhere, that you SPENT it on things you don't really want to go into details about with us, even though it was our money to begin with. Nonetheless, we'll help you identify exactly where it all went. It shouldn't be hard if you give us proper access.

Here's your report on the unaccounted for money:

How it will be delivered

To the U.S. Army.


Reasons for signing

  • I love finding lost money for irresponsible spenders that don't know how to do math
  • I want MY government to STOP PISSING OUR TAX DOLLARS AWAY ON WAR. The ONLY winners are the greedy rich war mongers themselves and their profiteer friends. The biggest losers are ALWAYS civilians, mostly women and children.
  • hey i am sorry if being human and humane is an issue for some, but I am very wise with a dollar so why isn't our military?? the most wasteful spending of all is in fact our military budget and it's criminal.


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