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To: The FBI

Investigate the NRA for Exploitation

Petition Text

Examine the NRA to determine whether its members are using gun sales for their own benefit.

Why is this important?

The current threats involving guns are very far-reaching. Lots of people are trying to have stricter laws put in place, but the NRA is preventing this. The government usually says that they can't do anything about it because there is no known illegal activity going on in the organization. What should be done is to determine whether there actually is any activity, instead of writing the issue off. Even members should want any illegal activities to be dispelled, so as to prevent worsening the organization's reputation.

How it will be delivered

Optimally, the contract will gain an ample amount of signatures, and I will then both send an email and a letter. I may also do paper collection.


2018-11-30 05:16:29 -0500

10 signatures reached