To: Georgia State Officials

Make Georgia College Students Eligible For Food Stamps

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Stop taking food stamps away from students who are struggling to make ends meet. Jobs are nearly impossible to obtain in this economy without furthering education and paying tuition is hard enough already, stop punishing people for going to college by taking away their food stamps.

Why is this important?

I am an unemployed online college student, living at home with elderly parents who are in poor health and on a fixed income barely making ends meet with bills, rent and car payments, and we just lost the food stamps we desperately need to survive because I signed up for college. After a long and unsuccessful job search, I started attending courses in an online college in hope of improving my chances of getting hired. When I reapplied for Food Stamps, I marked down that I'm now a collage student. Later I was shocked and devastated to find that I was no longer eligible for Food Stamps; due to an unjust policy by the state of Georgia which makes college students ineligible for food stamps unless employed or part of a work study program. This policy is unfair to anyone who is attending an online collage which offers no such thing, or is attending collage through a scholarship. It makes it harder for poor people who are already strapped for cash and struggling to pay for tuition, at a time when jobs are scarce and an education is needed to help them stand out in the job market or meet qualifications.

Georgia, United States

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