To: Shipping companies used by U.S. service members

Offer More Affordable Car Shipping Services for Our Military

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The Goal: To demand that shipping companies supply more affordable car transport services to our great women and men who serve our nation.

The Issue: When our military service members receive orders to move to a new duty station within the U.S., they're required to either drive their vehicle to their new home, or find a way to ship it themselves.

Their household goods are usually shipped by the military, which most certainly helps with the expense and stress of going through another one of their many moves, but they are responsible for shipping their own cars. Typically, families have more than one vehicle and this further adds to the stress of moving. Many will brave the long and costly drive and take their vehicle(s) across the country, while others send their vehicles using expensive shipping services, adding additional stress on our already hardworking military members who already give up so much.

Why is this important?

The Answer: To ask car shipping companies to provide cheaper shipping options, especially to our military service members.

Join us to fight to lower car shipping fees for our military.

We strongly support providing our military with cheaper shipping options.