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Pass the new bill to abolish the military draft

Pass the new bill to abolish the military draft

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Pass the new bill to abolish the military draft: "H.R.4523 - To repeal the Military Selective Service Act, and thereby terminate the registration requirements of such Act and eliminate civilian local boards, civilian appeal boards, and similar local agencies of the Selective Service System."

Why is this important?

A bureaucracy unused since Richard Nixon left office, an institution that has served no purpose since before people already too old for it were born, a machinery whose only function is to send huge numbers of unwilling young men (and some hope to expand it to include young women) into immoral actions should be abolished. This bipartisan bill would make that happen. The selective service budget is $23-26 million every year. There are also costs to the states and financial aid offices that must ensure people are registered before administering benefits. Many states automatically register men who obtain driver's licenses for selective service; that technology should remain in place but be used to automatically register men and women to vote. Opponents of war and supporters of conscientious objection back this bill. You can too.

David Swanson,
Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Alice Slater
David Hartsough
Maria Santelli, Center on Conscience and War
Leah Bolger

How it will be delivered

In Washington, D.C.

Reasons for signing

  • Because i feel that joining the military should be by choice and not by force.
  • Donald Trump never served in the military and dodged multiple drafts. Somehow he found himself in control of the US military even though he has zero experience in it. Unfortunately most of our recent presidents never served in the military which confirms that you don’t need serve in the military to be successful in this country. Donald Trump actually proves the opposite, that avoiding serving your country all together will make you the president one day.
  • Because I think the draft is the biggest threat to American Freedom and Human Rights.


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