To: The President & all members of Congress

Petition for a moratorium regarding joint US/South Korea war exercises

(Source: AP)

Petition Text

Petition text: Inform North Korea that the US & South Korea would be willing to enact a moratorium regarding their joint war exercises.

Why is this important?

North Korea views these joint war exercises as highly provocative, &
they often cite them as a compelling reason why they feel they need to
arm themselves & make threatening gestures. Technically the US & South
Korea are still at war with North Korea. An armistice was signed but no
peace treaty. Although most Americans don't even know this, the North
Koreans are highly aware of this fact, & it greatly informs their their hostile
rhetoric & actions. Offering North Korea a war exercises moratorium
would be a 'carrot' for which the US & South Korea would expect some
visible reduction in the hostile threats & actions coming from the North.
Not only would this offer cost zero dollars, it would save the big dollars
it costs to implement these war exercises.