To: The governors and state legislators of Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia

Protect VA, NC, and WV from a risky new fracked-gas pipeline!

Petition Text

It's up to us to stop a risky fracked natural-gas export pipeline from threatening the beautiful countryside and environment of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

Why is this important?

The 550-mile fracked Atlantic Coast Pipeline would pass by the James River, two VA state parks, and numerous schools and tourist destinations - plus the Blue Ridge Parkway and the gorgeous George Washington National Forest!

I am a Virginia resident, and am very concerned about the safety implications and environmental impact across VA, NC, and WV. Furthermore, private-property owners are at risk of losing their land through eminent domain. Our rights and our environment should matter more than fossil-fuel profits!

My wife and I owned a log home in Nelson County and I worked in Augusta County, where my daily commute would take me across Reeds Gaps over the Blue Ridge Parkway and Afton Mountain. It's strikingly beautiful, and none of us want to see it threatened by a natural gas pipeline. That's why citizen groups like the Southern Environmental Law Center, the Sierra Club, Friends of Nelson, and the Augusta County Alliance are working hard to stop this risky pipeline.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission isn't listening to the public, so we need to go straight to our state lawmakers and urge them to do everything they can to protect our homes.

VA, NC, and WV.

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