To: All residents of Ahwatukee, South Mtn. and Maricopa county

Reduce Air Pollution in Ahwatukee

Petition Text

Implore our State, Local, County, and Federal representatives to develop policies and take a stand on environmental issues which increase and not reduce "Air Pollution" in Maricopa County by rejecting recent FAA, ADOT and Federal Highway Administration actions taken in Ahwatukee and South Mtn.

Why is this important?

The environment in and around Maricopa county, and in particular Ahwatukee are being severely impacted e.g., increased noise, destruction of wells, homes values impact on children by recent recent FAA, ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration actions which will significantly increase "Air Pollution."

federal, state, and local governments decisions including aprroval
Maricopa County, AZ, United States

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