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To: Musicians, particularly musicians like Alice Cooper who have contributed to upgrading the arts in the city

Reopen the House of Blues as a venue for music and creativity

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Get enough musicians to buy the House of Blues back from developers

Why is this important?

Upcoming musicians are now faced with venues with pay to play that is too expensive to perform in more than every three or four months or, alternatively, so small that ten people constitutes a good draw. For the music scene and creative scene ever to flourish again, there needs to be venues that are large enough for crowds to come and do not cost what is frequently a thousand dollars or more to perform in. If several musicians with the means to reopen the Sunset Strip venue bought in on this venue, there would be renewed music scene in Hollywood. (The previous buyers ran out on the deal and the venue is currently asking for 1.2 million dollars for the venue). Creativity and free expression is critical for any nation; creative people (musicians, actors, poets, etc. often are the first to bear both financial and other types of criticism, but later society usually benefits from their creativity)
Sunset Strip Los Angeles

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