To: the German Government

Producers of weapons must pay for refugees

Petition Text

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
There are so many things, I find unbearable in the context of wars and refugees. So on 23 rd of Febr. I started the Petition "Rüstungskonzerne zahlen für Flüchtlinge" demanding that the producers of weapons must pay for the refugees. Perhaps you like to sign it or initiate a similar campaign in your country? The best would be, if all countries worldwide which participate in wars started similar campaigns.

Why is this important?

Thus the relationship of cause and effect is clear again, this a first real step towards combating the causes of flight and the demand for a stop all arms exports is given emphasis, and, not at least, there must be an end of playing off local paupers against newly arriving poor. Therefore we call:

Finally make the profiteers liable for the misery they have caused!

Arms companies must pay for refugees!