To: US Public Schools

Sign the Petition: Train Students on Modernized Job Search Tools

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The Goal: To insist that faculties, schools and universities supply better training to students by supplying more modernized job search skills, including the how to find and create resume layouts.

The Problem: It seems quite obvious that most schools are instructing aren’t exactly teaching up-to-date job search skills and teaching students to use just one kind of resume layout, and this will not help them stand out from the crowd when they are applying for jobs.

Will students and new graduates get discovered when competing for new jobs if their curriculum vitae resembles most of the other ones previously submitted? In our current job market, students will not get very far unless they receive the right instruction and better training on just how to create a winning resume. Why confine them even more with inferior resume writing abilities, when students already lack the experience and abilities needed to get them in the door?

Why is this important?

The Answer Is Simple:We can put intense pressure on our education system in general by showing them how essential it is for our grads and students to be armed with the proper job search skills and tools to help them succeed in find employment.

Join us in the fight to obtain better job search training for students and grads!

We firmly believe that teaching students better job search skills and tools to help them find employment in the modern-day job market is absolutely essential.