To: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi: Uphold your Oath of Office or Resign

Petition Text

Impeach the President or Resign

Why is this important?

The process of impeachment is indicated by the Constitution in cases where the Executive has broken the law. It is illegal to employ another person to break the law on your behalf. We have seen the checks signed by the President to Michael Cohen for the commission of felonies for which he has been convicted.

There is no question that the President has broken the law, and no question that the Oath of Office you took requires you to impeach him.

By stating on March 11 that despite the evidence of his crimes, this President is 'not worth' impeaching, you have broken your Oath of Office.

Your personal feelings, political agenda, and predictions for the upcoming months, years, and elections are irrelevant. You must do your job as delineated by the US Constitution, and you must do it now.

Therefore, we, your constituents demand you uphold your Oath of Office and draft Articles of Impeachment immediately, or resign.