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To: President Obama and The Congress


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We call on you to stop all United States aerial attacks everywhere and to end assistance of any kind to other nations in their aerial attacks.

Why is this important?

Bombings and/or drone attacks are now being conducted by the United States and its allies against some of the poorest, most militarily defenseless people in the world, notably in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. These attacks are slaughtering thousands of people and forcing hundreds of thousands more out of their homes into the wasteland of refugee camps.

As examples of the suffering caused by aerial attack, we point to the devastation caused by United States bombing of Tikrit, Iraq and the United States-assisted Saudi Arabian bombing campaign in Yemen. We fear for the people of Mosul the next city in Iraq slated for bombing; after that will almost certainly come Fallujah, of the most war-damaged cities in the world.

The primary victims of bombings have been and will continue to be civilians. The criminality of "air wars" is astounding, and indeed we would like to see an international ban on air attacks. As such it is despicable and unacceptable as a fundamental military tactic of any nation.

Sources: While there are a number of news articles on U.S. bombing and drone attacks, and more recently on Saudi Arabian air attacks, there is no significant coverage of the overall impact of air attacks on civilian populations, a dramatic indication of how little regard there is for civilians under air attack. Rather there are piece-meal reports such as an April 8, 2015 CNN report saying “Civilian Toll Rising From Air Strikes in Yemen”, which noted that six children were killed when a school in southwestern Yemen was bombed. A report of the McClatchy news service of February 24, 2015 entitled: “U.N. Officials Fear an Attack on Mosul Will Displace 1.5 Million People” gives an idea of what will happen to civilians in the coming assault on Mosul, Iraq, which almost certainly will include U.S. air attacks such as those conducted recently at Tikrit, where air and ground assaults devastated the city.



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