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To: Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) 8th CD

Tell Jamie Raskin: Stop fueling a dangerous new Cold War

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Stop your over-the-top frenzy of hostility toward Russia

Why is this important?

Consider the rhetoric from one of the most promising new House members, Democrat Jamie Raskin, at a recent rally near the Washington Monument. Reading from a prepared text, Raskin warmed up by declaring that “Donald Trump is the hoax perpetrated on the Americans by the Russians.” Soon the congressman named such varied countries as Hungary, the Philippines, Syria and Venezuela, and immediately proclaimed: “All the despots, dictators and kleptocrats have found each other, and Vladimir Putin is the ringleader of the unfree world.”

He even blamed Vladimir Putin for Brexit.

Watch the speech:

Later, asked about factual errors in his speech, Raskin floundered during a filmed interview with The Real News.

Watch the interview:

Read "Dangerous Discourse: When Progressives Sound Like Demagogues," by Norman Solomon:

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Electronically and in-person.



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