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To: Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Tell Kevin McCarthy That Selling Weapons to Taiwan is Selling War to US

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Right now, the US is falling apart - our trains are derailing, our water is not being properly purified, our power plants are collapsing, our roads and bridges are crumbling. The American people do not want war. The polls show that they don't want more foreign interventions and don't want the US military to attack more countries. Our leaders are hosting Tsai Ing-wen and essentially working with her to promote war against Beijing. She came to the US to beg for more weapons, more provocations and more supports to antagonize the people of the Chinese mainland.

As patriotic Americans who love our country and want to make life better, it is our necessity to oppose this. We need to call out what was going on. The politicians and the billionaires that were shaking hands with her do not represent the American people. The American people want jobs, schools and healthcare, not more wars, so it was necessary to show her the real America.

Why is this important?

Provoking a potential military conflict with China isn't in anyone's interest--especially if there is nothing concrete to gain from it.



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