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To: California Voters

Support the rule of THE PEOPLE, not big money.

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Take the Pledge. Don’t vote for candidates who support corporate rule and money as speech.

Why is this important?

In a 5–1 ruling Monday, the California Supreme Court struck down Proposition 49, the "Overturn Citizens United Act" -- a California ballot measure seeking public input on whether the US Congress should pass an amendment to allow regulation of campaign spending and ending corporate personhood. This effectively robs citizens of California of the opportunity to have our voices heard regarding the corporate ownership of our government and the lavish amounts of money spent in electoral campaigns.

Any effort on the part of the people to rein in the twisting of our democracy and laws in favor of corporate interest will be met with the same resistance. It’s up to us to make sure that our elected officials make THE PEOPLE the priority.

The Pledge to Amend campaign, organized by the national Move to Amend Coalition, mobilizes citizen activists to engage and hold accountable political candidates through a public commitment to ending corporate personhood and money as speech.

Please sign the petition stating your commitment to ONLY SUPPORT candidates who make ending corporate Constitutional rights and money as speech a priority.

California, United States

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