To: Governor Cuomo of New York State

Veterans Equality Act (S.5937/A.8174-A) service credit for all veterans

Petition Text

Tell Governor Cuomo that he must allow the new budget to include provisions for the Veterans Equality Act (S.5937/A.8174-A). It deals with service credit for ALL our veterans who served and received honorable discharges from the U.S. Military

Why is this important?

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and if a Veteran served his country during peace time they were still combat ready. Therefore they should receive the same opportunities as a Veteran who served during war time. Currently veterans who served during peace time are being denied certain opportunities because of the time period they served. This is not fair and can be changed with the approval of The Veterans Equality Act. Let the Governor know we the people want the bill approved so all veterans with honorable discharges can be treated equal. Veterans who served during peace time made themselves available to defend and serve our country and deserve the same treatment as those who served in war time. LEST WE NOT FORGET FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE.

New York, NY, United States

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