To: UK Government

Allow Front Yards to Have Greenhouses to Raise Vegetables In

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The Goal. To create more homegrown products by allowing greenhouses in front yards.

The Problem. Not every home in the UK has a backyard suitable for gardening. In some cases, the best place to put a greenhouse in is the front yard. Unfortunately, you’d have to apply for a planning permission first if you want to build a greenhouse in your front yard. This is an unneeded hurdle when people could’ve started gardening and growing vegetables in their front yards already. If only this requirement doesn’t exist, more people could’ve embraced self-sufficient living, which would’ve prepared them for the lockdowns that we’re experiencing now. There would be less need to go outside and people won’t have to panic and fight each other.

Why is this important?

The Solution. Planning permissions should no longer be a requirement for building greenhouses in front yards, as this discourages people from maximising that precious space. There are those who’d rather plant crops than flowers, and by forbidding them to build greenhouses in their front yards, the types of vegetables they can grow would be limited. The Covid-19 pandemic is an eye-opener that we can’t always rely on commercial products to survive. During these uncertain times, we can’t say for sure that food supplies will last indefinitely, and so it’s important that we could grow a few stuff from our own land.