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To: Mayor James Butts and the City Council Members of Inglewood, CA

Ban Fracking in Inglewood, California Now

Ban Fracking in Inglewood, California Now

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Stop fracking in the Inglewood oil fields

Why is this important?

Governor Cuomo of New York has declared a statewide ban on fracking. Local citizen-led initiatives have helped ban fracking in Mendocino and San Benito counties in California; Athens, Ohio; Mora, New Mexico; and Denton, Texas. Communities across the United States and world are saying NO to this environmentally disastrous method of extracting fossil fuels from the land.

It is time for to take action and ban fracking in Inglewood California. We are in the middle of a drought and this is not only waste water but also could contaminate our wells and risk health problems for the people living nearby. There is a reason why so many Counties are banning this insidious practice.

Inglewood, CA, United States

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