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Ban Fracking in Maryland Now

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Tell Governor Larry Hogan that it's time to ban fracking in Maryland now.

Why is this important?

Governor Cuomo of New York just declared a ban on fracking based on a recently released scientific study demonstrating "significant public health risks" associated with fracking, including water contamination and air pollution.

Former Governor O'Malley of Maryland ordered a study of the potential impact of fracking on Maryland, which estimated that drilling and extraction could support as many as 3,400 jobs and generate millions in tax revenues--but that those benefits are likely to last only a few years, and that energy development could hurt tourism and outdoor recreation, two other industries on which Maryland relies. Although O'Malley concluded that fracking could be done safely if very strict regulations are placed on companies for protecting the environment, experience has shown that in practice, regulations are often violated at the expense of the environment. It's not worth the short-term financial gain to put Maryland at risk for long-term disastrous environmental consequences.

It is time for Governor Larry Hogan to take action and ban fracking in Maryland now.
Maryland, United States

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