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To: San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and All The Powers That Be


Petition Text

Petition text:

Provide bathrooms for our homeless brothers and sisters living on the streets of San Diego. Provide showers. Provide laundry facilities. Use kiosks. Use buses. Use trailers. Meet the need. No excuses.
For a two-week period over Christmas 2016 and into New Year 2017, let us try a 'disaster response' mobilization effort to meet the immediate sanitation needs of homeless in San Diego.

Why is this important?

San Diego can easily solve unsanitary and unhealthy conditions by taking action with a compassionate heart and existing budgets now. Here's how:
* Provide bathrooms = SANISETTE works!! PIT STOP works!! (No cost to city; paid by advertising $)
* Provide showers = LAVA MAE works!! (Non profit)
* Provide laundry facilities = PORTA KLEEN works!! (GSA Contract Holder)
Taking action now meets the immediate needs of the homeless and provides San Diego with image enhancement which money alone cannot buy. Tourist dollars will increase as a result.
Please take action NOW, as the need is GREAT!

How it will be delivered

email, in person, faith based community networking

San Diego, CA, United States

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2016-11-29 21:46:11 -0500

Great news! Cost proposals from potential service providers are very encouraging and affordable, way less than expected. Equipment available. Perhaps crowdfunding can provide funds if necessary. Let me know how you can help. Pray. Thank you.

2016-11-23 06:36:28 -0500

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