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To: The DNC

Block Biden

Block Biden

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Reconsider their support of Joe Biden

Why is this important?

Recently, Joe Biden's staff did what numerous other politicians have done in the past few years. They got my email address from the DNC and started messaging me. I immediately blocked him. I thought that was the end of it, but a thought kept nagging at me. Wouldn't it be great if the Biden campaign was bombarded with rejected messages. Poll numbers do not reflect how deeply offensive Biden is to many voters. I think this will say it nicely. There are no petitions to sign. All I'm asking is, if you agree, when you see a message from Biden in your email, click on it and block it.

There are several good candidates running for president under the Democratic ticket right now. Biden is not one of them. Corporate money is influencing Biden's lead in the polls. The DNC assumes they can force the other candidates out and all their supporters will automatically follow Biden. Individuals blocking Biden's messages from their email accounts would be a clear way to say "never Biden". Before it's too late and that's our only choice.

tl:dr - when you see a message from Biden in your email, block it.


Reasons for signing

  • because joe will ruin us
  • Biden is a great example of the type of person we need to get out of politics. He lacks all scruples, and will harm our country and people to further his own wicked agenda. Out with Biden!
  • Biden is a womanizer. He insults seniors who have voting rights, He makes infantile remarks at rallies. He got his son Hunter a fake job in the Ukraine that cost US tax dollars, security, and credibility, I WILL vote Trump before I vote for Biden. I am PRO Sanders. I HATE Biden more than Hillary. HIs son Hunter is a dead beat dad. Biden has used the death of his son to gain sympathy votes from the Buttegeig supporters. He combative, vindictive, egocentric, callous,


2020-03-16 17:50:56 -0400

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