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To: Dixie School Board Trustees (Brad Honsberger, Alissa Chacko, Marnie Glickman, Megan Hutchinson & Brooks Nguyen) and Marin County Board of Supervisors (Damon Connolly, Kate Sears, Dennis Rodoni, Judy Arnold & Katie Rice)

Change The Name of Dixie School District

Petition Text

Dixie School District, located in San Rafael, CA, was named after the Confederacy during the Civil War by Marin County Board of Supervisors. It's time to change the district's name to reflect the district's mission to promote academic excellence for all students.

Why is this important?

It's time to lose the lost cause in Marin County. Dixie is a synonym of the Confederacy and the national anthem of the Confederacy. The school district should have a name that welcomes all students regardless of the color of their skin.

We are all stakeholders in Dixie School District. 78% of their funding is from state and federal funds. We should teach our children the historical meaning of words like Dixie. Changing the name is a simple gesture for respect, equity and inclusion.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition in person and hold a press conference.




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