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To: Arlington County Board

Change the Name of Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington

Petition Text

Remove the name of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from Route 1 and Route 110 in Arlington County, VA.

Why is this important?

Whereas, Arlington County prides itself on diversity and a welcoming attitude toward all ethnic groups, and

*Arlington County, where Freedmans Village was located, was the destination for African Americans liberated by President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War, and

*African American soldiers were trained at Camp Casey in Arlington County to fight to end slavery and to preserve the United States, and

*Arlington County was never part of the Confederacy, and

*Confederate President Jefferson Davis sought to perpetuate the enslavement of African Americans, and has no personal relationship to Arlington County,

We, the undersigned, consider continued use of the name Jefferson Davis in connection with Route 1 and Route 110 not only to have no relevance to Arlington County, but also to be a symbol viewed by many as racist, similar to flying the Confederate flag, and therefore petition the Arlington County Board to take appropriate steps to initiate the removal of the name Jefferson Davis from those roadways.

For information about Jefferson Davis Highway from the Department of Transportation:
For more information on Camp Casey:
See also, "Lynching and Jeff Davis Highway:"

Arlington, VA, United States

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