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To: Nordic Aquafarms

Citizens of Penobscot Bay Urge Nordic Aquafarms to Halt the Project

Citizens of Penobscot Bay Urge Nordic Aquafarms to Halt the Project

Petition Text

Halt your proposed facility in Belfast!

Why is this important?

We the undersigned are concerned that Nordic Aquafarms’ proposed facility threatens to harm Belfast and all communities around Penobscot Bay. Our concerns include depleting our fresh water supply, polluting our ecosystems, endangering our fisheries and increasing our dependence on fossil fuels.

At this time of ecological crisis, local control of our fresh water and the health of Penobscot Bay are crucial. We must protect our valuable resources for today and for our children’s tomorrow.

This is why we support halting the project. Halting the project would prevent probable pollution, potential accidents and activation of existing mercury deposits in the bay. Halting the project would protect jobs in fisheries, tourism and coastal recreation. We the undersigned are committed to generating healthy, local alternatives for a robust regional economy.

This petition provides an opportunity to demonstrate our communities’ level of concern about this project in our region.

Belfast, ME, USA

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