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To: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Co-Sponsor the Green New Deal

Ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Co-Sponsor the Green New Deal

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H.Res. 109 -- the "Green New Deal" -- has 84 House co-sponsors, including 25 from California. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents most of San Francisco and is the leader of House Democrats, should be on that list.

Why is this important?

Every year's newly registered voters enter into political life with greater zeal for dealing with the planet's burgeoning environmental crisis than the prior year's. With the Green New Deal (aka, the Green Dream) we finally have a comprehensive statement of a way forward that leaves no one behind, and puts the right to live in a clean world and the right to make a decent living on equal footing.

Reasons for signing

  • It's important
  • The Green New Deal is the first real attempt to address two critical crises of our times - Climate Change Catastrophe and Economic Inequality. I would like to see Speaker Pelosi come forward and support the Green New Deal so we can take meaningful action to address these crises.
  • There could up to a billion climate refugees in the future. Combating climate change now is much worth the cost.


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The status quo -- not a viable option.

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