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To: House & Senate Committee Chairs: Michael McCaul, Gregory Meeks, Jim Jordan, Jerrold Nadler, Kay Granger, Rosa DeLauro, Patty Murray, Susan Collins, Ben Cardin, James Risch, Gary Peters, Rand Paul, Dick Durbin, Lindsay Graham

Congress: Investigate Biden administration's criminal violations for sending arms to Israel

Petition Text

U.S. State Department violates federal law with every weapon shipped to Israel. Citizens cannot sue to uphold the law, only Congress can do so. Do your jobs! Hold hearings! These shipments disgust Americans and make the world despise us.
According to Veterans For Peace at least six laws are being broken:

Why is this important?

Our laws and regulations against war crimes mean nothing if they're not enforced and only Congress can legally enforce them. While we continue taking to the streets, we can also demand Congress do its job!



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