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To: Ambassadors of nations on the UN Security Council including Samantha Power of the United States, Francois Delattre of France, Mark Lyall Grant of the UK, Vitaly Churkin of Russia, Liu Jeiyi of China and the non-permanent members

Stop the Saudi Attack on Yemen

Petition Text

Condemn the war planned and waged by Saudi Arabia against the people of Yemen on behalf of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi the deposed president of Yemen. Demand that Saudi Arabia disband their coalition and immediately cease making war on the people of Yemen and end their 'humanitarian' bombing campaign which is creating a humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

If rulers of Saudi Arabia do not immediately comply (so far they have not even honored a humanitarian cease fire request), refer Prince Mohammad bin Salman, son of King Salman and current Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, who initiated this brutal and illegal assault on Yemen and its people, to the International Criminal Court.

Why is this important?

More than three months on, the carnage and devastation in Yemen continues. A scenario of escalating violence contained by a seige blocking food, water and medicine from reaching the people of Yemen, is now being referred to as a 'civil' war. However, the forces at play in Yemen could surely have sorted out their poltical differences without destroying the country, and murdering thousands of civilians.

It is time to demand that international institutions do their job! If Saudi Arabia is violating international law, and the United States is acting in a perceived self interest that is distorted and unethical, then we must demand that international institutions stand for justice and peace. That is what they were created for, and they won't be able to serve that purpose until the people of the world demand it.

Given that:

* Over 600 people (updated) mostly civilian, including 93 children, have been killed by the bombing campaign in Yemen, and 100s more injured so far;
* More than 100,000 people have been displaced by the bombing and fighting in major cities of Yemen;
* There has been major destruction of the physical infrastructure by the bombing in Yemen since the beginning of the Saudi Campaign a couple of weeks ago;
* The United States has regularly bombed Yemeni communities with drones, killing civilians, destroying infrastructure and raining terror on the people for more than 10 years, setting a very bad precedent;
* Saudi Arabia has bombed the Houthi homelands in northern Yemen repeatedly over the last decade;
* Saudi Arabia has fought 6 wars for control of Yemen over the last 60 years;

and Given that:

* Prior to the bombing campaign there was indeed conflict in Yemen but the Houthis have not engaged in attacks on civilians and the destruction of homes, farms, factories, fuel supplies, and other infrastructure;
* The Houthis have been the only force on the ground mounting a successful resistence to AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula);
* Since the Saudi bombing began, AQAP has reemerged in Yemen and mounted devastating attacks against the people of Yemen, in concert with and enabled by the escalating Saudi campaign;

and Given that:

* The Houthis have participated in the political structure to the best of their ability over the last several years;
* According to international experts, the Houthis do not receive significant aid from Iran and are not in any way representing Iran in their struggle to be included in the social and political power structure of their country;
* The Saudis' target, the Houthis, are a legitimate political actor in Yemen;
* This campaign is an intrusion into the internal politics of Yemen;
* The Saudi Campaign against Yemen constitutes a Crime Against Peace and the site of numerous War Crimes;

It is paramount that the United Nations Security Council act on behalf of the oppressed people of Yemen to put an end to Saudi aggression against them so that they can have the opportunity to find their way to a political reconciliation and have the opportunity to live and develop the potential of the sovereign nation of Yemen independent of outside influence.

How it will be delivered

I will mail copies to every representative of a UN Security Council member. If I get enough signatures, I will hold a press conference in New York near the end of next week (April 17 or 18). **done

If I get 10,000 signatures, I will, once again, call a press conference and take this petition to the members of the United Nations Security Council.



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