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To: State of North Dakota

Don't Imprison Amy Goodman or Deia Schlosberg for Journalism

Don't Imprison Amy Goodman or Deia Schlosberg for Journalism

Petition Text

PETITION TEXT: Drop the illogical and illegal charge of "rioting" that you have brought against Amy Goodman for her commission of an act of journalism. Similarly, drop the felony charges you have brought against documentary film maker Deia Schlosberg who filmed activists shutting down pipelines.

Why is this important?

The First Amendment only means anything if it is protected when threatened.

Learn more about Amy Goodman's prosecution:


Learn more about the prosecution of film makers:

North Dakota

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Reasons for signing

  • Freedom of the press is constitutionally guarenteed!
  • Freedom to report the reality is the highest coal for any reporter. We need to help the world. If we don't act and stand by the people who got the talent to tel true story's, we will drown in a sea of lies... Soms Please stand by our pioneers.. Together we are stronger than corruption
  • Reporters have to 'be there' to report. This is a first amendment violation!


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