To: Pacific Legal Foundation, on behalf of the Idaho Snowmobile Association

Don't Let Snowmobiles Drive Caribou to Extinction

Petition Text

Pacific Legal Foundation should drop its campaign to get the federal government to delist the Selkirk Caribou of northern Idado as an endangered species. There are only 12 of these animals left.

Why is this important?

Conservationists have struggled to protect these animals for years, and have failed, largely due to opposition from snowmobile users. In 2012, the Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to set aside more than 375,000 acres of critical habitat for the caribou, but opposition forced officials to reduce that to 30,000 acres.

Partly as a result, these Caribou are now nearly extinct. These magnificent animals are uniquely adapted to the harsh environment of the Selkirk Mountains. We can't let a small group of people concerned only with their own amusement drive them out of existence!