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To: President Donald J. Trump

Freedom for Ramsey Muniz, Chicano Advocate

Petition Text

Dear President Trump: 

In the case of Ramsey Muniz, federal prisoner #40288-115, we pray you show mercy and compassion for this ailing 74-year-old prisoner who was sentenced, to life imprisonment without parole, in 1994.

This prisoner’s case is unique, in that Mr. Muniz was a renowned and respected Latino attorney who ran for governor of Texas, twice against Democratic Party governor Dolph Briscoe on a third-party ticket. Soon after his second run, Mr. Muniz was accused of participating, in a marijuana conspiracy and later, in a cocaine conspiracy, leaving the Baylor University football star and law school graduate, in ruins. (Visit for more information about Mr. Muniz)

We believe these conspiracy charges and convictions were politically motivated, to punish and destroy Mr. Muniz’s professional career for taking so many thousands of Latino votes away from Governor Briscoe and his Democratic Party, in Texas. This prosecution also destroyed Mr. Muniz’s third party that was challenging the Democratic Party’s control of Latino votes because the party was not meeting some of the most basic needs of this growing minority population.

The two drug conspiracy convictions were counted against Mr. Muniz, as three convictions, for the purpose of sentencing this Texas attorney, to life imprisonment without parole, in 1994 under the “three strikes” law of the time. Mr. Muniz was an upstanding citizen who was never accused of selling or distributing any drugs nor of using any violence or weapons against anyone.

His wife, Mrs. Irma Muniz, has been pleading for her husband’s freedom ever since, and we believe the presiding federal judge, Paul Brown, would have supported his release, but this judge is now deceased. Thousands of supporters have also pleaded for Mr. Muniz’s immediate release through the years, and especially now that he is in such poor health.

Please look into this case, President Trump, and show mercy and compassion by releasing Mr. Muniz, as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

Ramsey Muniz has been a Chicano advocate since the Sixties, and is beloved by hundreds of thousands of Latinos and other Americans he has inspired, to work within the system, to improve our society and government. Mr. Muniz is now in poor health, in federal prison. He has never been accused of any violent crime, and is not a threat to society or anyone. He is a model prisoner, and at age 74 and disabled, Mr. Muniz just wants to return, to his home in Corpus Christi, to live out the rest of his life with his beloved wife, Irma, and their families.

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