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To: The United Nations (health and global environmental safety organizations)

Save Lebanon from the mounting garbage disaster!!

Petition Text

Impose the creation of a government that will clean up the garbage in Lebanon. The toxic waste must be dealt with. Garbage must be collected and properly disposed of. Ensure that this generation of Lebanese citizens will not have to suffer the impact of parasitic, airborn, waterborn, and foodborn illnesses and cancers and birth defects that will ensue if this manmade disaster is not dealt with.

Why is this important?

The people of Lebanon are experiencing an environmental disaster that is manmade. It is the result of governmental apathy and corruption. There is no government in the country and the infrastructure, what there is of one, is crumbling. The immediate problem posed by the lack of sanitation in the country is not just the stench of the accumulating garbage but this poses a real threat to the environment and also vermin are infesting the entire country. Malaria, cholera, typhus to name but a few, are ravaging Lebanon and the long term effects could eventually have a global impact as Lebanese people travel out of their country. This toxic situation can no longer be ignored.


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